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Why are Probates and Wills So Important?

Facing the death of a loved one or caring for a terminally ill family member is often fraught with many difficult legal decisions and countless questions. Sometimes disputes regarding the last wishes of the deceased may erupt during this emotional turmoil. When a dispute interferes with the grieving process or interrupts the care required by the terminally ill, an experienced probate attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help heal the wounds of division and resolve conflicts during a very trying time.

For grieving loved ones and guardians of those who are ill or near death, a wills, trust, and probate lawyer can be instrumental in the resolution of legal disputes in a timely and effective manner.

Why Choose Edward F. Holodak, P.A.?

Our extensive experience with probates and wills allows our attorneys to give your family and loved ones a chance to properly attend to their affairs during a time of mourning.

Our attorneys understand the emotional considerations of situations requiring a probate attorney and approach each case with compassion and diligence to advocate for clients’ rights.

Services Provided

Probate litigation deals primarily with disputes that arise after the passing of a loved one. These disputes can range from contesting the will of the deceased to challenging the actions of the will's executor or personal representative, and frequently involve several family members. Probate litigation can involve recovering damages stemming from financial exploitation or undue influence over the deceased prior to death.

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